How to Place an order

Call to set up a appointment

If you live in, or are planning to visit, the Los Angeles area you can call us at 818.505.8602 to set up a initial meeting. If you are outside of the immediate area please click here to provide us with your basic contact information.

Let your imagination be your guide

It all starts with a simple idea. Do you have a favorite saying, a favorite song, a favorite flower or do you want to look like you channeled the spirit of Hank Williams? Gather up your ideas, pictures and thoughts and send them to us. If you are having a hard time visualizing a concept or you want us to come up with something unique, that is not a problem! Custom illustration art & suit styling will be created to fulfill your wishes.

Provide your measurements

If you are unable to come to the shop, we will need you to submit a professional set of measurements. (Any local tailor can do this for you) If you are unable to send measurements, sending something that fits you well can be a substitution.

Send Us Pictures

Are your dreaming of having a exact copy of a Roy Rogers (or Dale Evans!) shirt? Want to look like the one of the Flying Burrito Brothers? Send us a picture and we will make it happen.

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